Nelo Razor

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Nelo Razor

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Nelo Razor - A1 lasikuitu Nelo Razor - WWR Hiili-kevlar vakuumi

Kuntokäyttöön sopiva nopea yksikkö pohja- tai ulkoperäsimellä.

Fitting in the Danish Touring Class rules, the Razor is a good cruiser for calmer waters where it can glide at high speed. Normally it is used as a fitness kayak, due to the comfort, sense of performance and improvement possibilities given to the user.
The Razor is normally equipped like a racing kayak, but it can also be fitted according to the ICF safety rules.

Athletes Kg Range: N/A
Boat Length: 5,2 m
Boat Kg Range: A1/16 - WWR/12 - E/10 Kg
Ideal For: Touring | Racing
Stability Level: 3
Beam: 0,52 m
Cockpit: 1,05 x 0,45 m


WWR - Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is thought for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance.

A1 - Fiberglass Polyester

This is the basic construction that is thought to be an economic option for touring and learning boats.