Pyranha Machno Stout

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Pyranha Machno Stout

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Uutuus Kaudelle 2017!

24.3.2017 Nyt varastossa koot M ja L

Afon Machno, 53.064°, -3.779° the tributary that powers the infamous Fairy Glen, and just over an hour from Pyranha HQ, this is where initial testing for the Machno took place.

The Pyranha Machno has been refined through the feedback of Team Pyranha members worldwide to feature a formidable bow rocker profile that keeps you on top of things, and a wide planing hull with soft chines that's both stable and predictable.

When you're in the Machno, you'll almost feel as though time has been slowed down as you glide in to the rapids, waiting for the perfect moment to plant those key paddle strokes and nail that boof, flair or kickflip*.

*or just cruise stylishly through the maelstrom.


Sizes M L
Length 265cm / 8' 8" 274cm / 8' 11"
Width 66.5cm / 26.2" 67cm / 26.4"
External Cockpit Length 90.5cm / 35.6" 95cm / 37.4"
External Cockpit Width 50cm / 19.5" 53.5cm / 21"
Volume 308l / 81.4gal(US) 368l / 97.2gal(US)
Hatch Volume    
Weight 21.5kg / 47.4lb 22.9kg / 50.5lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 60 - 100kg / 132 - 220lb 75 - 130kg / 165 - 287lb