Delivery outside Finland ASK QUATE. Web shop only gives shipping rate inside Finland and doesn't calculate right rate for shipments outside Finland.

All orders outside Finland will be paid with wire transter before shipping.


Delivery inside Finland:

One part paddles over 149cm will be shipped on Matkahulto buss freight.

Canoes and kayaks are delivered by Kaukokiito freight. Ask quate.

Post package: Delivery by post. max size for delivery 100x60x60cm:

Prices. (Cash on delivery +4.20€)

2kg 7,60€
5kg 9,00€
10kg  10,20€
15kg  13,50€
30kg 19,00€

 Post package cash on delivery:

2kg 11,70€
5kg 13,10€
10kg  14,30€
15kg 17,60€
30kg 23,10€



Matkahuolto: normal packages under 150cm, over 150cm long shipments are prices as big shipments from 19€ to 50€ ask quate. Please note canoes and kayaks are shipped Kaukokiito freight

2kg  10,30€
5kg 14€
10kg 16,60€
15kg 19,20€
20kg 22,70€
25kg 25,50€
30kg 28,50€

Long items 150cm exsample one part kayak paddle 200cm will be charged by 2kg, 19€.

Buss freight cash on delivery +3,80€.

Kaukokiito: Canoes and kayaks are delivered Kaukokiito freight ask quate by delivery address.

Pick up from store: Order is pickup from our shop Kauppakuja 10, 01800 Klaukkala


Pick up in shop: Cash, Visa debit / electron / credit, Mastercard. (+0€)

Pre payment before delivery : Invoice send will be send to email. (+0€)

Nets Visa / Mastercard before delivery: Nets: Customer calls to our shop and give card detail for payment 09-8798886 . (Vain Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard). ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ORDER AND DELIVERY IN FINLAND.

Buss freight cash on delivery (+ 4,10€) only inside Finland.

Post Cash on delivery (+ 4,10€) only inside Finland.