Ortlieb ensiapulaukku Medium

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Ortlieb ensiapulaukku Medium

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Never again without: ORTLIEBS First Aid Kits should be an inherent part component of your equipment. The First Aid Kits are waterproof sleeves made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure, and are available in four different sizes and safety levels (Regular, Medium, High, Ultra-high). Regular and medium are suitable for most outdoor activities. All kits feature belt loops.


Further features:

_Medium-sized first aid kit in waterproof sleeve made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure

_Can be fixed to bag, bike seat, belt, etc.

_Comes complete with first aid kit and fixing straps

_Suitable for all kinds of sports

_Removable inner pocket for clear organization and quick access


The First Aid Kit Safety Level Medium has the following contents:

- 1 pair surgery gloves

- 1 first aid packet size M

- 5m sticking tape

- 2 wound pads

- 1 set plaster strips

- 1 gauge bandage

- 1 rescue blanket

- 1 first aid instructions, multilingual


15 cm
15 cm
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