Hiko varustesäkki, Läpinäkyvällä ikkunalla, 80l

35,00 €

Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 86400

Hiko varustesäkki, Läpinäkyvällä ikkunalla, 80l

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Vesitiivis varustepussi läpinäkyvällä ikkunalla.


For storage of small, bigger and the biggest things serves a wide range of bags. To fully enjoy their use it is necessary to pay attention when closing the bag - all Velcro fastenings should be straighten and flat and the edgings should be rolled at least four times. Only after then we can fasten the buckles to prevent un-rolling and we can be assured that the bag is hermetically closed.  5, 8, 20, 40, 60, 80l


Touring up to WW II excellent excellent
Rafting excellent excellent
Yachting excellent excellent