Point65 HotShot

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Point65 HotShot

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modulaari sit on top Tequilan pohjalta suunniteltu edullisempi versio, joka soveltuu lyhyille retkille, kalasteluun, sukeltamiseen ym. vesillä liikkumiseen.

Vakiovarusteena mm: integroidut kantokahvat, tavaraköysistö, melaparkki, pykäjalkatuet, päiväluukku. Lisävarusteena mukava ja nopeasti asennettava selkätuki.

Pituus: 295cm

Leveys: 75cm

Paino: n. 21kg


Performance is everything

When designing the HotShot, no effort was spared in creating the optimal performance on a 295 cm / 9’8’’ sit on top kayak while maximizing comfort and stability. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, using the most advanced design technology available, paired with a life-long experience and a deep understanding of the sea, we have managed to create an outstanding craft. The 1-layer rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance that most other materials can’t match.

Performance kayaking
The HotShot is a high-performance kayak that out paces most similar kayaks as well as many which are substantially longer and larger. The ride is stable, comfortable and dry. There is lots of space for dry bags, fishing gear and other necessities in the storage compartment behind the cockpit and the deep storage recesses besides it.

Comfort and ease
The optional HotShot back rest is in itself an innovation worth mentioning. Not only does it offer superior back support and optimizes paddling performance but it is also extremely easy to attach. Family Fun
The HotShot is designed with both kids and adults in mind. Whether paddling, fishing or just relaxing, this stable, strong and high- performance kayak is the ideal choice for family fun on the water.

Get in and go
The HotShot has the Molded in handles to keep everyone smiling when carrying and hauling.

Outstanding performance
Designed for comfort and stability, the HotShot is also a nimble, highly maneuverable recreational kayak with plenty of legroom. It’s perfect for a day trek or weekend adventure.

Gone fishing
Designed to accommodate tackles, cooler, and other necessities, the HotShot is the perfect fishing craft.

» Design by Magnus de Brito

So if design and performance is important this is the perfect kayak. It not only paddles great, it looks the part.