RTM K-Largo standard esittelykappale

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Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

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RTM K-Largo standard esittelykappale

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(Kuvassa luxe versio, lisävarusteena saatavalla selkä/reisitukisarjalla.)

Huom! varastossa yksi esittely kappale , sivussa sekä perässä hieman naarmuja .

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Max kantavuus 200kg. Saatavilla  eri lisävarusteita.



Length 13 ft 7 in 412 cm
Width 31 in 78 cm
Depth 13.4 in 34 cm
Weight 66 lb 30 kg
Max Capacity 440 lb 200 kg


The ultimate Angler, K Largo, we asked fishermen what they wanted most and combined it in the making of the K Largo. Extremely stable, lots of leg room and working space, ample storage areas, a well thought out deck with ditty trays. You can order the boat fully outfitted or a standard model and customize it. Uniquely formed keel that allows wheels to be fitted onto the stern.

Standard Equipment

  • 4 integrated rod holders w/rain cap
  • 2 deck bungee
  • 2 six inch round hatches w/bag
  • 1 adjustable Scotty rod holder
  • 2 paddle keepers
  • 2 tackle box bungee
  • buoyancy foam
  • adjustable foot braces
  • 6 scupper stoppers
  • safety line
  • 4 molded in carry handles
  • molded in ruler

Luxe Equipment

  • standard outfitting plus 1 anchor kit
  • 2 small tackle boxes
  • 2 medium tackle boxes
  • 1 large central lure  box
  • front fishing water tight case with hatch

Hi-Luxe Equipment

  • luxe outfitting plus rudder and pedal foot braces.


Front case
K Largo Trolley
  • Backrest
  • Front case
  • K Largo Trolley