Thule Slidebar Liukuputki 891 /127cm

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Thule Slidebar Liukuputki 891 /127cm

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Thule 891 Slide Bars 127cm (Pair) - Key Features
» Bi-directional sliding (60cm in each direction) for ease of loading bulky items.
» One hand release functionality with rubberized grip panels for more ergonomic user interface.
» Maximum user security through snap-lock functionality.
» Red colour indicators for open/closed position.

» Bi-directional sliding to avoid scratches to the car and dirt on your clothes.
» Lockable to prevent un-authorized use of the product.
» Fit all Thule rapid system load carrier feet.
» Maximum Load of 90kg
» Premium Scandinavian design awarded with if-design award.

Slidebar Description:

The new Thule slide bar design is a fantastic addition to their already impressive range. Sliding the bar out up to 60cm each side make loading bulky items easier and also if you have a MPV,SUV or 4x4 which is much higher than a standard car this system prevents you having to stretch or lean across the vehicle while fitting loads such as boxes and cycle carriers.