Nelo Sea Vanquish lasikuitu / hiikikuitu

1 600,00 €

Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 000196

Nelo Sea Vanquish lasikuitu / hiikikuitu

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Varastossa WWR rakenne.

Speed and comfort are the strong points of this kayak. Fitted like a racing kayak, but being a sea kayak it offers three seating options to fit the sea conditions. This kayak is recommended for athletes with some previous experience in kayaking, and can be used for winter training, day expeditions or sea competitions. The Sea Vanquish III is normally equipped with bulkheads, life lines, handles and under stern rudder, even being a racer it is still equipped according to the ICF safety regulations.

Athletes Kg Range: N/A
Boat Length: 5,65 m
Boat Kg Range: A1/16 - WWR/12 - E/10 Kg
Ideal For: Competition
Stability Level: 2
Beam: 0,43 m
Cockpit: 0,76 x 0,39 m

A1 / Lasikuitu 1600 €, WWR / carbon-kevlar 2600 €.