Sea kayak Essentials volume 1 : intermediate and advanced boat handling skills - DVD

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Sea kayak Essentials volume 1 : intermediate and advanced boat handling skills - DVD

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new seakayaking instructional DVD from Level 5 BCU coach Nick Cunliffe.

Nick is a friend and excellent coach. In 2009, Justine and Nick kayaked from Wales to Ireland together across the Irish sea in a record time of under 12 hours. This is his 2nd DVD and is full of great information for intermediate/ improving seakayakers. It clearly shows what to do with your kayak, body position and blade to get your kayak to do what you want in wind, waves & tidal races.

Almost all of the footage is shot by kayaker and filmmaker Matt Giblin, although they also use some great footage of Nick on the front wave at the impressive “Falls of Lora” tidal race in Scotland, which was shot for “This is the Sea 3″. They use a 2 minute sequence of Nick surfing the wave which wasn’t shown in it’s entirety in ‘This is the Sea 3′, then provide analysis of how to surf and stay on the wave.


Here is some information from Nick & Matt about the DVD —-

Focusing on solid foundations for advanced performance, clearly-structured chapters introduce:

5 Essentials of Boat Speed, Angle and Trim; Body Position, Stroke Linking
Fundamentals of Posture, Connectivity, Feel and Power Transfer
Core skills of Forward paddling, Balancing and Turning
Use of the Skeg
Boat Awareness exercises

Applied skills chapters include:

Open Water Forward Paddling, in wind and waves
Moving Water Skills: crossing eddy lines, ferry gliding and using waves
Tide race paddling: effective paddling in bigger conditions
Rock hopping: applied skills and strategies in close quarters
Surfing skills: launching and landing techniques, surf zone skills

An additional surfing skills chapter also includes detailed analysis of the tide race paddling skills displayed in Cackle TV’s “This is the Sea 3”, plus superb footage of sea kayak surfing in the large clean waves of Hell’s Mouth, North Wales.

Sea Kayak Essentials is presented and performed by Nick Cunliffe, an active and experienced BCU level 5 sea kayak coach. Technical analysis and coaching progressions are provided by Nick throughout the DVD.

Essential paddling skills are clearly broken down into core foundations, with paddling exercises and progressions emphasising the application of these fundamentals in more challenging conditions.

For sea kayakers wishing to paddle comfortably in windy/rough conditions, learn moving water skills, develop tide race and surfing techniques – this DVD will help you to gain effective kayaking skills in all sea conditions.

With over 100 minutes of high quality widescreen HD footage in inspiring North Wales locations and expert instruction from one of the UK’s leading sea kayak coaches, Sea Kayak Essentials is a must-have resource for all sea kayakers.