Braca sport / Weba melonta kayak ergo

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Braca sport / Weba melonta kayak ergo

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Braca sport / Weba melonta kayak ergo - Standard Braca sport / Weba melonta kayak ergo - Science

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Melonta ergo.

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SLIDER for Kayak (set with the weight)

CANOE BENCH Including the Canoe Shaft


The basic ergometer is without computer.


The standard ergometer with simplified computer just the basic data you can see like stoke rate, speed, distance. Not possible to connect to the PC.


The science ergometer most sophisticated computer with a special sensors on the machine you can control hart rate (with Garmin strep belts), power of the stroke, length of the stroke. You can connect to the PC deep analyze each stroke or you can make a race in case you have other machines.


The mechanic of the ergo meters are the same the differences only in the electronics.


The Siding Seats and Canoe Bench could be attached to any version of the machine.