Nasaq (melan kärkivahvike)

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Nasaq (melan kärkivahvike)

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Grönlantilais ja aleuttimelojen kärkivahvike. Vahvike elastista materiaalia ja sopii usemmille eri grönlantilaismeloille.

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Nasaq are a special UV-resistant formulation of silicone and urethane that stretches and conforms to common paddle tip shapes, and provides a layer of protection from chipping, fraying or abrasion for those who paddle, land or launch from harsh beaches or ramps. 

Nasaq are available in 4" and 3.5" lengths, relaxed. They shorten when fitted, depending on your blade dimensions. They weigh about an ounce. Tips are available in a range of stock colors, but not pure bright white due to formulation restrictions. Colors available are: Bone, Blue, Red, Orange, Forest Green, Black, Pearlized Pink, Teal, Yellow and Purple. Colors shown above are not exact, but give you an idea of the range. You can mix and match.

These tips offer protection for carbon fiber and fine wooden paddles, but we suggest removing them from your wooden paddles between uses to allow any trapped moisture to evaporate.