Sea kayak Essentials Volume 2 - DVD

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Sea kayak Essentials Volume 2 - DVD

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Quick Overview

The 2nd Sea kayak Essentials instructional DVD by BCU Level 5 coach Nick Cunliffe looks at safety and rescue skills, including rescues, towing, launching & landing, leadership & incident management.


This DVD is a valuable resource for sea kayakers wishing to paddle safely in open water conditions, developing problem avoidance strategies and effective rescue techniques.

Chapters Include:

  • Safe Paddling: planning & anticipation; communication; route choice and positioning.
  • Incident Management: principles for organising rescues; care of self, team and casualty.
  • Deep Water Rescues: solid foundations; assisted rescues; problem solving.
  • Towing Skills: equipment options; releasable tows; contact tows; multiple tows.
  • Self-Rescues: re-entry & roll; scramble; paddle float; rolling skills

Applied skills chapters include:

  • Launching & Landing: safe strategies; options in challenging conditions.
  • Rocky Shores: safe rock hopping; anchored rescues; lee shore rescues; team rescues.
  • Rough Water & Tide Races: problem avoidance; rough water rescues; use of towlines.

There are also chapters dealing with paddling skills, group management concerns and equipment issues.

Essential skills are broken down into core foundations, with exercises and progressions in more challenging conditions.

Sea Kayak Essentials VOL2 is only available in PAL format. It may not work on DVD players in the USA/ Canada but will work on all computers.