Pyranha Jed ConnRiver

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Pyranha Jed ConnRiver

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Edullisempi versio vuoden 2013 myydyimmästä Freestyle paatista.

Koot S, M ja L

Designed for world class wave and hole performance; Jed is loose, fast and super easy to initiate from basic moves to trophy combos.

Beginners to freestyle and recreational play boaters will love its easy initiation, competitors will be throwing bigger, faster combos than before.

Nopeampi, Helpompi, Ilmavampi! - Parempi!

3-kokoa S, M ja L

S-Koon mitat:

Pituus: 175cm

Leveys: 63cm

Paino: n. 13kg

Tilavuus: 178 Litraa

Melojan optimipaino n. 40-70 kg


M-koon mitat:

Pituus: 180cm

Leveys: 65cm

Paino: n. 14kg

Tilavuus: n. 208 Litraa

Melojan optimipaino: n. 55-90 kg


L-Koon mitat:

Pituus: 186cm

Leveys: 67cm

Tilavuus: n. 235 Litraa

Melojan optimipaino: n. 80-110kg

is designed for World
Class wave and hole performance.
The JedEye will be the choice of the new school
freestyle boater, loose, fast and super easy for both
beginners and winners to initiate basic moves and
trophy combos.

Performance Freestyle

Fast and Loose
- Easy initiation of moves.

Slicy Bow and Stern
- Fast edge to edge transition.

Flat areas on bow & stern and core
volume distribution
- Give maximum pop.


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