Robson Voyager

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Robson Voyager

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Robson Voyager
Exceptional, lightweight Fibreglass blades, pressure moulded on a flexible Sky Epoxy shaft with drip rings. Asymmetrical blade reduces fatigue, but incorporates a slightly larger blade for greater pull. The Voyager is available with an adjustable Quiklok system, and is our most popular touring paddle ever.
Characteristics: Touring, Sea kayaking, Expedition, Length: 210cm – 240cm in 5cm steps Blade size: 52cm x 16cm, Weight: 860g; 30.3oz, Blade Material: Fibreglass, Shaft: Sky Epoxy
Hinta: 235 € Fibreglass/sky epoxy,
270 € carbon pressure moulded/carbon kevlar. Quicklock säätövarrella +45 €