RTM Abaco 360 Luxe

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RTM Abaco 360 Luxe

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Kerrassaan mainio kalastuskajakki RTM:ltä. 

The Abaco 3.60 is a single seat “Sit On Top” (SOT) designed for all fisheries. At home in rivers, lakes inshore and in open seas, its wide beam provides great stability, ideal for stand-up fishing in calm waters.

Its Compact dimensions helps maneuverability and allow for easy transport and storage.
Its unique efficient hull design provides an easy glide, smooth paddling a great speed.
The Front Case makes a great fish well and can be used for a wide variety of clean, dry
storage applications.

Removable front basin

Pituus: n. 360cm

Leveys: n. 76cm

Korkeus: n. 30cm

Paino: n. 32,5kg

Kantavuus: n. 170kg 


Valmistaja ja Valmistusmaa: RTM (Rotomod) Ranska