Braca Outrigger

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Braca Outrigger

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Kevyt, kesävä ja silmiä hivelevän kaunis hiilikuituinen taittovarsimela klassisella havaijilais-tyylisellä outrigger-lavalla

While Bracsa paddles have been the top choise for flat water canoeist for several years, we are proud to announce our recent involvement in open-ocean canoe racing. The sport of outrigger canoeing (an ancient voyaging craft used around the Pacific basin) is a fast growing segment of the paddling comunity. While the sport is most popular in the islands of Polynesia and Hawaii, races, organizations and clubs have been sprung around the globe, from Rio, to New York and the French Riviera.
BRACA-SPORT is proud to present the Brácsa Canoe Outrigger, a lightweight, durable carbon paddle, modelled after a classic Hawaiian design.
Hinta: 189 €