DD NorthZone Adventure

790,00 €

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DD NorthZone Adventure

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Tunnettua Norjalaista designiä.

Hyvä yleiskajakki järvelle, joelle ja merenrannikolle. Vakiovarustukseen kuuluu mm. kansiköysistö, 2 isoa tavaratilaa, helpposäätöiset jalkatuet peräsinohjauksella, selkätuki, peräsin ja vapatelineet.


Parhaimmillaan melojille 50-95kg välillä. 

Pituus: 455 cm
Leveys: 55 cm
Paino: 25 kg

Valmistusmateriaali: DD xD polyteeni


"NorthZone Adventure covers a wide range of kayakers. This is a new and steady sea kayak designed for Norwegian conditions. 

This kayak padles by the whole family and quickly becomes a favorite that anyone can use from small to big. Supplied with 2 pole holders for the possibility of fishing rod.
The kayak has a combination of flat / v-shaped hulls that make it safe both in calm water and in waves. The hull shape makes it stable and the adjustable rudder makes it easy to maneuver and enjoy the waves without compromising stability. Comes with rudder that are easily controlled by foot pedals inside the kayak.

Adventure comes standard with 2 large hatches and has good loading capacity. The seat can be adjusted and you have good support in the back. It is made of PE plastic which is extremely durable."