Venture Canoes Afon

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Venture Canoes Afon

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Ketterä allround paatti, joka loistaa joella ja isoissakin koskissa. Pyörii timanttisesti ohjaajien käsillä ja toimii niin soolona kuin tandemina. Vaikka suunniteltu jokiretkelyyn tomii kohtalaisen hyvin myös järvioloissa. 

Monipuoliset säädöt istuimissa. 3-kerros rakenne. 

Pituus: 460cm

Leveys: 98cm

Valmistaja: Venture Canoes, valmistusmaa Englanti

Saatavana myös Corelite X-rakenteella + 200e

Saatavana myös erilliset ilmakellukkeet (WW outfitting) lisävarusteena

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‘Afon’, similar to ‘Avon’, is derived from the Celtic British word for
‘river’; this simple word in itself says everything about this canoe.
Rivers can be tranquil, or they can be wild, and the Venture Afon is a
true enthusiast’s canoe in which you can enjoy either variety as well
as everything between, whether paddled solo or tandem.
+ Moulded-in Gunwales and End Decks for higher durability and lower
+ Recessed lacing and outfi tting bolts for greater protection and
smoother roof rack/trailer loading.
+ Adjustable seat brackets allowing seat height and pitch to be
adapted to your paddling style.
+ Flared sides with sharp tumblehome provide high secondary
stability and unhindered paddle strokes.
+ High freeboard and full volume ends lead to a dry ride, even on
technical whitewater.
+ Carefully tailored volume and rocker profi le for reliable tracking
when fl at and nimble turns when heeled over.



The Afon did not disappoint; I was giggling on
less than a minute, dancing within two, and
loving it shortly after. It is everything I’d
hoped for.
Ray Goodwin, Author of ‘Canoeing’