Werner Sherpa

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Werner Sherpa

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"Watch most all creek boat videos today, or footage where the paddler is being swallowed by massive holes amidst canyon walls. Now what paddle do they have? Trusted on the hardest runs in the world and those firing up the hardest line on their local run are the Werner river running paddles. The Sherpa and its larger counterpart the Powerhouse offer Bomber reliability, tested and proven where it counts."

  • Vakiopituudet:191cm, 194cm ja 197cm, 200cm
  • Lapakulma varastomalleissa 30°R
  • Lavan pinta-ala 680cm²
  • Lavan mitat 46cmx19,5cm


  • Suoralla varrella 319€
  • Ergovarrella 419€ (tilaustuote, toimitusaika 2-7vk)