Perception Tribute 12

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Perception Tribute 12

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Uutuus 2019!

Kevyt retkikajakki Perceptionilta. Soveltuu parhaiten pienille melojille. 

The Tribute 12.0 kayak is engineered specifically for women and smaller paddlers. Perfect for active adventures on flat or slow-moving waters, its forgiving hull inspires confidence by offering speed and smooth handling in an exceptionally stable design. A roomy cockpit is easy to get in and out of, plus it protects you from the elements. Stay out all day with spacious storage and a cushioned six-way adjustable seat; the seat combined with easily adjustable footrests and thigh supports to create a kayak that fits you like a glove.
Zone Deluxe padded and adjustable seating system
Zone Deluxe thighpads for superior touch point comfort
Adjustable Pedal Footrests
Easy to Carry - optimised lighter design
Rear Storage Hatch with bulkhead
Front and Rear Deck Bungee
Reflective Safety Lines
Retractable Carry Handles
Spacious Cockpit

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Pituus:  366 cm

Leveys: 62 cm

Korkeus: 34 cm /

Paino: 19 kg

Optimi maximi kuorma: 109 kg / 240 lbs

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