Åsnes Amundsen Carbon/Kevlar sauvat

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Åsnes Amundsen Carbon/Kevlar sauvat

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Uutuus kaudelle 2019/2020, täysin uudistettu malli joka korvaa suositun Spidsbergen Expeditionin.

The lightest and most durable carbon alternative to expeditions poles on the market

The Amundsen pole is the next generation ski pole based on
the well known and tested Spidsbergen Expedition pole – the preferred pole for longer expeditions.

Constructed in Carbon with Kevlar reinforcements for optimal strength to weight ratio. The Kevlar protects against critical damage on the Carbon and makes Amundsen the lightest and strongest carbon alternative on the market. Perfect for expeditions and for the feinschmeckers.


• Long grip in EVA – designed for quick changes of grip

• Long grip in EVA – designed for quick changes of grip

• New belt construction – for easy length adjustment

• New belt lock• New adjustment around the wrist (one-hand grip)

• Security leash attachment• Solid loose snow basket in Hypalon and PA6

• Carbon/Kevlar construction


  • Length130,135,140,145,150,155,160
  • Weight430g (150cm) (pari)
    • MaterialCarbon/kevlar
    • UseExpeditions, long trips, allround