Fjellpulken 200 Sleeper Spica Winter Camp

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Fjellpulken 200 Sleeper Spica Winter Camp

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Ns. Deluxe malli Sleeper sarjan ahkioon kiinnitettävästä varustepussista, jossa makuualustan ja makuupussin voi pitää valmiiksi avattuna koko matkan ajan.

Pussin yläosa on säädettävissä selkänojaksi. Tilava, mukava ja monipuolinen systeemi toimii myös kesäkäytössä.

Fjellpulken Spica Winter Camp System is our top model polar bedding system with integrated backrest for comfortable sitting. This large bag contains multiple rooms for equipment lik pre assembled tent, where you can have your sleeping pad and sleeping bag ready for use. Or put it into your rucksack. 

The Spica Winter Camp System fits a fully inflated sleeping pad and a rolled-out sleeping bag ready for use. In addition, it has a room for a rolled-up tent, tent pegs, canisters, food and thermos.

It can be attached on top of a sledge with knits or straps and the equipment is ready for use in a minimum of time.

Sleeper 200 Spica Winter Camp functions also as an extra membrane against the bottom of the telt or the ground and will keep you warmer and dryer. If you are surprised by bad weather you will use less time to get safely into your telt and down in the sleeping bag.

But, the Fjellpulken Sleepers is not only a tool for being outdoors in the winter time. It is just as much a handy product in the summer if you are sleeping under the open sky or as an extra membran to the ground!

We recommend good size sleeping pad approx 197x65 cm gor good sleeping- and sitting comfort.