Fjellpulken Kite 140 ahkio sis. aisat ja valjaat

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Fjellpulken Kite 140 ahkio sis. aisat ja valjaat

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Uutuus kaudelle 2020! Erityisesti leijakäyttöön suunniteltu ahkio.

Täydellinen sarja sisältää paremmat aisat ja paremmat valjaat.

The Fjellpulken Kite 140 TSE is a specially designed pulk for kiting in winter. it sits low to the ground with a low weight center and will not flip easily. The Kite pulk is reinforced lik our Xpedition models with aluminium all around the seams and a rugged zipper for easy access. Three shaft attachements secure for rough use.

The Kite 140 pulk has the shape of a Katamaran with gliding rails on each side. This delivers less friction and helps on spees.


Weight 10,5 kg
Length 148 cm
Width 65 cm
Height: 16-20 cm body

Body: Glassfiberarmert polyseter
Cover: Polyester 210D – Dobbel ripstop PU 1000MM WR