Freeskate Allround retkiluistimet Prolink siteillä (NNN)

249,00 €

Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 004952

Freeskate Allround retkiluistimet Prolink siteillä (NNN)

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Aktiiviselle luistelijalle, joka arvostaa pitkäikäisiä perusluistimia! 
Tehdasasennuksena NNN yhteensopiva Salomon Prolink side.
Huom! Allround luistimissa on Prolink siteet
(eli ei kuvassa olevat Salomon Pilot siteet).

Nyt laadukas retkiluistelusetti TARJOUKSESSA:
Free Skate Allround retkiluistimet, Salomon Prolink siteet +
Alpina Action Skate monot ja Free Skate luistinpussi. Kampanjahintaan nyt 339€ (svh. 418€)

Free Skate luistimet eroavat edukseen muista merkeistä myös
mm. SNS pilot ja NNN/Prolink speedwedge systeemin ansiosta,
joka lisää luistelumukavuutta, vakautta ja antaa potkun tehoa.
  • – M (42cm)
  • – L (44.5cm)
  • – XL (47cm)


For the active skater who like to have his reliable skates ready to go.

Active skater who values long lasting basic skates to grab the opportunity when ice and weather coordinate well enough to skate for hours.


Specifications Allround:

  • Annodized aluminum ;color bronze
  • Hardened steel blade; 1.25mm (stainless, robust)
  • 100% reliability (chemical and mechanical fastening)
  • rocker 29m
  • height 4,4 cm including binding
  • weight (incl. binding) 480 grams (L)
  • 3 lengths:
  • – M (42cm)
  • – L (44.5cm)
  • – XL (47cm)

The Skate-plate:
a Free-skate innovation

As off fall 2014 all Free-skates have been issued withe a so called “Skate-plate” (for both Salomon Pilot and Prolink options). From extensive testing to improve our skates, we discovered that by incereasing the heel and toe pressure, the skating characteristics of Nordic skates could be improved dramatically.

De Skate-Plate weer een innovatie van Free-skate.

The Skate-Plate not only has more heel lift, but also a small toe lift, than traditiobal nordicskates. The concave shape of the binding follows the boot more precise. This allows not only better steering of the skate, but also gives a better kick at the push off. This Free-skate innovation brings nordic skating to a higher level. Better skating and more fun on Free-skates