Wig Mira 485 säätöevällä - 3D Core

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Wig Mira 485 säätöevällä - 3D Core

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The smaller from Mira serie familly. Kayak dedicated to small persons – womens and teenagers – 55kg-75kg.

In starndard we making it in tourquise painting, skeg and KajakSport hatches.

Like all our kayaks it is produce in vaccum infusion technology with Lantor Soric core between multibiaxials or Diolen/Kevlar fabrics.

Kayak specification:

lenght/width 485cm 55cm
weight 20kg D/K 22kg 3D core
cockpit rim inside 41/84cm  
cockpit rim outside 47/90cm  
front hatch 24cm 60l
small hatch 15cm 3,5l
day hatch 24cm 50l
raer hatch 42/30cm 55l