SeaStream Angler 120 RAPID PEDAL DRIVE

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SeaStream Angler 120 RAPID PEDAL DRIVE

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FeelFreen sisarbrandin SeaStreamin valmistama poljettava Angler 120 jolla matka taittuu vaivatta.

Sis Rapid pedal systeemin, säädettävän istuimen, peräsimen.

Affordable sit-on-top kayak for fishing

Are you a passionate kayak fishing enthusiast? Then know the new Seastream Angler 120 PD kayak for fishing!

The Angler 120 PD is an extremely comfortable and stable kayak that offers the possibility of storing paddles to keep your hands completely free. The kayak includes a faster riding pedal system and a system for easier management of the kayak itself. Combined with the Beaver Tail helm, this kayak gives you superior propulsion.

Angler 120 PD kayak has everything you need for a perfect fishing experience: Uni-Track accessories assembly system, rod holders, rod protector when disposing of them, as well as a reinforced standing platform. But I'm sure you'll agree with us that comfort is what matters the most. Angler 120 PD fishing kayak also features an adaptive EZ Rider seat, which is so comfortable that you'll forget about the weather and fully enjoy your fishing adventures.

If you want to get to your favorite fishing spot as soon as possible while enjoying the comfort of kayaking, get yourself a Seastream Angler 120 PD fishing kayak!


  • Integrated Rapid Pedal Drive
  • Integrated Smooth Steer system
  • Beaver Tail Rudder
  • EZ Rider Multi-Position Seat
  • Reinforced standing platform
  • 2X Flush Mounted Rod Holders with Rod Leashes
  • 2x paddle holders
  • Feelfree Gear UNI-Track Accessory Rails
  • Rod protectors on the bow of the kayak
  • Handles for easier transport
  • Integrated Keel Guard
  • Drain plug
  • Durable polyethylene
  • Storage container w/Bungee System on the bow of the kayak
  • Storage container w/Bungee System on the stern of the kayak

Technical data:

  • Kayak length: 374 cm
  • Kayak width: 89 cm
  • Kayak weight: 44 kg (no drive)
  • Load capacity: 180 kg


Leveys: 89cm

Paino: 54kg ( Rapid pedal Propellisysteemin ja istuimen kanssa kanssa)