Venture Canoes Prospector 16 (PE-SW)

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Venture Canoes Prospector 16 (PE-SW)

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 Venture Prospector Canoe & Kayak voittaja 2011!

Prospector: Kanadan uudisraivaajien kehittämä ja kokeneiden melojien suosima Prospector-malli on ehkä maailman tunnetuin ja arvostetuin “allround” kanootti. Lähdekirjallisuutta Prospectorista: Bill Mason -Song of the paddle, -Path of the paddle.

Prospector mallin muoto soveltuu hyvin myös soolomelontaan. Katso myös 15' versio.

Pituus 508cm

Leveys 90cm
Paino PE-SW n. 35kg




Reviews - Venture Canoes Prospector 16 Open Canoe Review
Canoe & Kayak UK Test Team - Posted on 19 Oct 2011

Like its smaller brother the 15, the 16-foot version of Venture Canoes Prospector open canoe provides a very solid and confidence inspiring platform, making it ideal to learn skills, such as poling. The extra length gives it good versatility and our test team felt that it paddled well as both a solo and tandem.


 Its high gunwales made it a relatively dry boat and it performed well in wind. It shared the same niggles as the other Venture boats in the shape of weight and metal seat plates, but our test boat also had a degree of flex in the hull, which would certainly effect its speed and performance.
 But witrh all that said the Venture Canoes Prospector 16 would be a great choice for those looking for a versatile family boat that dad can have a bit of fun in paddling solo, but will still provide a stable ride when loaded with a paddling partner, kids etc. The Venture Canoes Prospector 16's versatility, friendly nature, performance and price meant that it was voted our 'Canoe design of the Year' in the Canoe & Kayak UK 2011 Awards.
 Length: 508cm
 Width: 91cm
 Weight: 35kg
 Material: Triple layer CoreLite HD Polyethylene
 Features: Tough PU gunwales, plastic or webbing seats as standard, moulded end deck incorporating comfortable carry handle and a wooden centre yolk