Pyranha Fusion M Connect4S

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Pyranha Fusion M Connect4S

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Fusion : As the name suggests, the Pyranha Fusion is a cross-over kayak which allows the paddler to enjoy two great areas of paddle sport, white water and touring. Super stable, fast and easy to paddle, the Fusion gives you the freedom to choose from some fun whitewater or checking out some estuaries or a sheltered bay. The tried and tested Pyranha skeg system adds a great feature allowing you to track in a straight line and the drag reducing skeg box allows the water to flow straight out of the stern of the kayak.

Length cm / ft  312cm / 10' 2"    

Width cm / ft 66cm / 26"    

Volume Litres / US Gal. 308 lts / 81.5 gals

External Cockpit Length cm / ft 90cm / 35.4"

External Cockpit Width cm / ft 49cm / 19.3"

Weight kg / lbs 20.8kgs / 45.8 lbs

Suggested optimum load weight range (inc. paddler) 55 - 130 kgs. 121 - 287lbs.

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"Pyranha Fusion    CKUK Best In Test Award

More info: www.pyranha.com

The Pyranha Fusion has been proving to very popular in the short time since it's release and we were keen to check it out for ourselves. Pyranha are producing it in two different outfitting versions. The Flip-Top, as the name suggests comes fitted with a Flip-Top backrest, which allows you to either flip it up for huge amounts of back support and comfort while cruising along or flip it down to allow for a spray deck to be worn for some rapid running action. It also features simple to use and adjust, Twist-lock style footrests.

The Connect 3o version, again as the name suggests, features Pyranha’s full Connect 30 whitewater outfitting, as used in their full-on whitewater river runners and creek boats, for those that want to use the boat more frequently in harder conditions and want the comfort and control that this outfitting provides. Both models come with a drop down skeg, deck elastics and a large rear sealed bulkhead with storage hatch. There is also the option of an ingenious three-litre plastic deck pod that can be fitted on the bow, just in front of the cockpit, ideal for keeping touring essentials such, as cameras, maps, energy bars, flask etc. Some great deck-elastics finish of the package.

As soon as we got on the water in the Fusion we knew it was a bit special. It carries great forward speed and the skeg was awesome, once down it just cruised along straight as a dye, which allows the paddler to concentrate n an efficient, and energy saving, forward stroke; something that’s going to be a big boon on longer trips.  It’s very forgiving and that combined with the great skeg made it the clear favourite amongst our group of beginner paddlers. On moving water it really comes good and reveals a surprising amount of manoeuvrability and it handled rapid running duties with ease. The large hatch on the back made accessing and loading the large sealed bulkhead very easy and it swallowed up the gear with no noticeable effect. We were a bit concerned that the large hatch might succumb to leaking on the rough stuff, but even after we gave it an extra hard time it stayed dry, so our initial worries proved unfounded.

We think that Pyranha are on to a winner with the Fusion, especially with the Flip-Top version. We can see why some people may want to opt for the higher spec, for source to sea expedition type of trips, but for the majority of us the Flip-Top Fusion ticks all the crossover boxes and ticks them well and so earns our Best in Test award.



The large drop-down skeg is a great feature on the Fusion. It'll keep your tracking in a straight line with no hassle at all. The drag-reducing skeg box allows water to flow freely through the stern of the kayak. A sealed foam bulkhead, with a 'Kayak Sport' hatch for stowing gear, and very useful deck elastics on the bow. Pyranha’s great grab loops and rescue attachment points finish it all off nicely. (See above for Flip-Top and Connect 30 details)."


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