Pyranha Rebel

700,00 €

Varastossa: Tuotetta saatavilla.

Tuotekoodi: 000746

Pyranha Rebel

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 Oikea junnujen koskari uutuus Pyranhalta! Melojan optimipaino n. 22-50kg

Pituus : 214cm, Leveys 56cm, Tilavuus:155 ltrs Paino: 12,4kg

Meet the brand new Pyranha Rebel. We heard what kids wanted and made it. The Rebel is a really cool looking, easy to paddle kayak that is both as comfortable and as stable as possible too.

The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes whilst pulling new moves and impressing their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures and provide top end performance like legendary WW kayaks such as the Burn or the InaZone.

Predictable and great for learning skills in, most importantly of all, the new Pyranha Rebel is lots of FUN!