Carolina 12

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Carolina 12

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Perception Carolina 12 on Uudistettu versio maailman myydymmästä retkikajakista. Tämä malli voitti mm. Kanumagazinen lyhyempien retkijakakkien testin:

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"A highly respectable touring boat with first class fitting and first class travelling behaviour. It is also suitable for rough conditions with the optional rudder. The Carolina handles like a longer boat on the waer. In a word, Bingo. High points score"

Length: 366cm
Width: 66cm
Weight: 22kg
Water Type: Touring River, Estuary, Lake, Coast, Canal
User Guide: Beginner - Advanced
Type: Touring Kayak
Max Load: 150kg


the Carolina 12 has been referred to as "a sea kayak in miniature" by admiring observers...

Our most compact touring kayak gives reliable tracking and stability that begs you to explore further. Its sporty lines are
matched by swift performance and outfitting that provides dependable control. All round versatility enables you to enjoy day and overnight trips on a variety of waters.

This is the shortest of our boats to feature front and rear hatches and makes maximum use of storage opportunities for your equipment. The Carolina 12 is perfect if you are looking for a true tracking kayak that will turn easily when required.