Kolibri Solo

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Kolibri Solo

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Odotettu uutuus kaudelle 2015!

Täysin Suomessa valmistettu, Kevyt, Ketterä, monipuolinen ja mittaisekseen nopea soolokanootti Suomen vesistöihin.


Pituus: 412cm

Leveys: 76cm

Varastovärit vaihtelevat kokoajan ja toimitusajalla voidaan vaikuttaa väritykseen. Kysy lisää! 

Saatavilla kahta eri rakennetta:

Lasi/Diolen/Basaltti hybridi, paino. n. 17-19,5kg



NEW FOR 2015!
Kolibri is true Jack of All Trades.
When starting designing this canoe we had plan to make  allround solo canoe that performs well in Finnish  lakes and mild rivers with about class 1-WW and that it would be suitable even for beginners.
We succeeded on the design so well that the comments from most experienced Finnish Open canoe paddlers surprised us. For it's lenght and stability to boat is still quite fast yet easy to turn.  The boat even handes with additional airfloats class 2+  WW.
Our expedition proven constructions from over 40 years experience on composite manufacturing kayaks give really reliable and solid performance even on the most economical constrcution with innegra reinforcement. Ofcourse with guide and rough purpose we encourage to consider slightly more expencive and heavier HardCore version.

Lenght: 412cm 13'6
Width: 76cm / 30in

Weight: Glas/Diolen/Basalt hybrid, weight. appox. 17kg

Also available Hardcore Expedition and Carbon tech hull