Point 65 Mercury Solo

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Point 65 Mercury Solo

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Point 65 Mercury Solo

Modulaarinen Mercurykajakkikaksikon yksikköversio, jonka saa purettua kolmeen osaan kuljetuksen ja säilytyksen helpottamiseksi. Joille, järville ja suojaisammilla merivesillä vaivattomasti liikkuva kajakki. Mallissa on reilunkokoinen istuma-aukko johon on helppo pujahtaa kyytiin ja helppokäyttöinen peräsinjärjestelmä.

Purettuna kajakin nokan voi sujauttaa istuinaukosta sisään, jolloin liikuteltava on vain kaksi palaa. Istuinpaloja lisäämällä mallista voi tehdä halutun mittaisen.

Vakiona peräsin, kansiköydet, säädettävät jalkatuet ja vesitiiviit tavaratilat edessä ja takana.

Katso myös Tandem versio


Pituus 414cm kasattuna

Leveys 60cm

Paino 25kg

Kantavuus 130kg

Tilavuus 329L

Nokkapalan pituus 107cm

Istuinpalan pituus 163cm

Peräosanpituus 157cm

Istuinaukon koko 83x46cm

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As easy as 1, 2, 3 - Following the success of Point 65’s modular recreational kayaks - here the touring version. The Point 65 Mercury 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak with a large cockpit with which to explore and then take back home in the trunk of your car. Like the recreational versions, the Mercury features the innovative snap tap solution (patent pending).

The 415 cm/ 13’7’’ Mercury breaks apart into three manageable pieces each weighing less than 11 kg/ 24,3 lbs. The 100cm/39’’ nose section fit’s snugly into the cockpit, making for easy stowage, for example in the trunk of your car. With an additional mid piece your Mercury Solo is transformed into a 545cm/17’10’’ high performance, expedition tandem. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, the Mercury is a fun, versatile, high performance touring kayak.

Performance kayaking - The Mercury 14/18 is a is fast, fun while comfortably stable and straight tracking kayak that snaps apart and re-assembles in only a few seconds making it by far the most easy to carry touring kayak. The rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance that most other materials can’t match.
It has lot’s of dry storage space with powder dry hatches front and aft. The Mercury 14/18 is a rigid high-performance expedition solo/tandem - touring kayak that you can lift with a smile on your face, haul in the trunk of your car, fit in an elevator and stow under your bed.

Comfort and performance - The large size of the comfy padded cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat with seat and back padding, foot braces, which provide for good leg support, and a comfortable paddling position. Add the fitting spray cover from Point 65 (Point Storm or Point Ocean size XL) and you can enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions.

The Mercury 14/18 comes fully equipped featuring an efficient ingenious keel rudder skeg featuring the innovative Symmetry skeg system, which allows you to drop the skeg/rudder with tremendously improved maneuverability compared to normal add on rudders which are most common on kayaks. a large aft oval and a round forward hatch creating two accessible watertight compartments for your gear. It also features foot pedals as well as cup holders and a comfortable seat & back pad.