Epic V10

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Epic V10

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Epic V10 - Club

V10 on tehty vartavasten nopeaksi Surfski kajakiksi, mikä pärjää sekä myötä että vastatuulessa. Täysin säädettävät ja kevyet jalkatuet antavat Surfskille sen mitä odottaisi, jokaiselta kajakilta.

Melojan suositus pituus on noin 163-205cm. Pienemmille melojille suosittelemme V10 L -mallia

Pituus 6.45 m
Leveys 45 cm
Korkeus 33 cm
Max lasti 145 kg

 Painot rakenteittain

 Club (lasikuitu) 17 kg

Performance (komposiitti hybridi: lasikuitu, hiilikuitu, kevlar) : 15,5 kg

Ultra (Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric): 12,3 kg

Designed from the ground up by Oscar Chalupsky, Greg Barton, and computer whiz John Dixon, the Epic V10 is incredibly fast and agile while maintaining comfortable stability. While we met our goal of designing a boat that is faster than the competition on flat water, the Epic V10 really shines in downwind and upwind heavy sea conditions. A fully adjustable footbrace combines with a high-capacity venturi drain to keep water out. The single footwell and front deck cutaway allow for a closer, more powerful stroke. The adjustable footbrace with self-adjusting pedals will accommodate paddlers from 5’3” to 6’7” in height. A smaller paddler would be better served by our V10L surf ski model.

Length: 21' 2" (6.45 m)
Width: 17.7" (45 cm)
Depth: 13" (33 cm)
Capacity: 320 lbs (145 kg)

Epic V10 Club
37 lbs (17 kg)

    Fiberglass on a core mat
    Vacuum bagged with polyester resin
    Blue bow & stern

Epic V10 Performance
34 lbs (15.5 kg)

    Infusion grade foam core
    Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
    Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
    Black bow & stern

Epic V10 Ultra
27 lbs (12.3 kg)

    Nomex honeycomb core
    Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric
    Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
    Red bow & stern