P&H Cetus LV / MV / HV

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P&H Cetus LV / MV / HV

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P&H Cetus LV/MV/HV-  Performance Kevlar/Diolen P&H Cetus LV/MV/HV- Expedition Diolen

P&H:n malliston ehdoton lippulaiva Cetus.

Cetus on nopea merikajakki jolla on erinomaiset aallokko ominaisuudet.

Saimme taas Cetuksia myymäläämme. Koot: LV / MV. 

Lisävarusteena tehdasasennettu Kevlar-kölivahvike (svh.360,00€)

Erikoistilauksesta saatavana custom värit ja varustelut pyydä tarjous.


Mallivalikoimassa on kolme eri kokoa LV / MV / HV




Pituus 531cm 541cm 546cm
leveys 54cm 54,4cm 57cm
Korkeus 32cm 33cm 34cm
Tilavuus 292L 332L 379L
Aukon koko 80x41,5cm 80x41,5cm 80x41,5cm
Optimi kantavuus 45-105kg 55-115kg 65-135kg


Cetus LV: If you are a smaller or lighter paddler then you really require a sea kayak that has been designed with your stature in mind.
With the Cetus LV we began hand-shaping a body that would ensure you have the same experience with full control of the boat out there on the water as everybody else.

The Cetus LV is a sleek and elegant performer that really utilises the available space to balance the volume creating a highly manoeuvrable and versatile British sea kayak.

Cetus MV:

The newest addition to the Cetus range the MV (Medium Volume) is fast paced and responsive and really easy to carve and turn, this is the middle ground for those who want a bit of extra volume but are too light for the original Cetus.

The MV has all the load carrying capabilities of the original Cetus with its two main hatches plus spacious day hatch and deck pod there is plenty of room for all your kit for an overnight stay or longer.

The length and 'shallow V-hull' of the Cetus creates a fast and efficient sea kayak that will get you where you want to go in no time at all. The Swede form design means the widest section is behind the seat creating a very stable and confidence inspiring platform, from which new comers and experts alike can launch their adventures.

Huom! Kuten valmistaja, Core-rakenteisten kuitukajakkien kuljetukseen suosittelemme J-kaaria ja kunnon sidontaliinoja, autamme mielellämme oikeanlaisten kuljetusvälineiden valinnassa.