Fjellpulken Expedition harness comfort 71030

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Fjellpulken Expedition harness comfort 71030

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Uutuus kaudelle 2020, sini/mustan väriset Comfort valjaat Expedition valjaiden rinnalle. Ergonomisempi istuvuus etenkin pienillä käyttäjillä.

Fjellpulken Comfort reinfoced skier harness is a very solid harness designed for people using the pulk alot or trainging with tyres. It is a development of the Fjellpulken Xpedition Pro, but more suitable for medium and small sized people.

Fjellpulken Comfort an elaborate harness with a very comfotable waist belt with stragic upholstry and shoulder straps with a relief cushion over the neck and shoulders. It is also reinforced on all parts where wearing is especially exposed. As on the Fjellpulken Standard Harness, it is also here possible to click the shoulder straps of if desired.