Kokopelli packraft pumppu / Kokopelli Feather Pump

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Kokopelli packraft pumppu / Kokopelli Feather Pump

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Se aito ja alkuperäinen Kokopellin packraft pumppu. Pieni, mutta pippurinen pumppu, joka kulkee kätevästi mukana. mm 2019 Paddle Expo tuotekategorian voittaja.

60 seconds is all it takes to get your packraft ready to paddle with a Feather Pump. Weighing 6 ounces, the rechargeable lithium-ion Feather can inflate or deflate a packraft. It has a 60 minute battery life (or 50 full inflations/deflations) and works with any micro USB charger like your GoZero, battery packs, or cell-phone charger. The Feather works on all packrafts (except the PVC Recon) and is also great for your air-mattress or sleeping pad.

Weight: 6 oz (0.2 kg)
Battery Life: 60 minutes (on full charge)
Type: Low-Pressure
Uses: Inflation/Deflation