Anfibio Delta MX

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Anfibio Delta MX

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Lightweight and multifunctional

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The Anfibio Delta MX is one of the lightest packrafts with extra space in robust design. MX stands for MultiCross, as the packraft offers enough space for a wide range of applications.
Spacious and light design
The inner dimensions of the boat are generous with a length of 140cm and a width of 38cm, but the outer dimensions are compact: the tube diameter tapers to 26cm at the side, the bow and stern (symmetrical) have a diameter of 41cm, to ensure the necessary buoyancy. The parallel hull has a width of 90cm with a total length of 234cm.
The boat uses an inflatable seat with an integrated backrest (Anfibio WideSeat). However, to save weight and space one can also use baggage as seat (like dry bags, sleeping mats). On the other hand, the boat can also be equipped with two seats, which are also sold separately.
There are 6 tie-downs (2 at the stern, 4 at the bow) for example to secure luggage, to provide grab loops or to fasten a deckpack.
We apologize for any discrepancies in the number of grab loops on some of the pictures.
Material and workmanship
The Anfbio Delta MX is made of special fabric (210/420 urethane nylon), which has a high tear and abrasion resistance despite its low weight. The smooth and shiny surface of the tubes coating are particularly scratch resistant.
All the boat’s seams are fully welded and the tube seams are additionally sewn, making it a completely glue free construction. This saves weight, costs and the enviroment! We grant an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
The Delta MX is another pocket-sized boat, a true go anywhere anytime boat. Due to the large interior space, it is particularly suitable for transporting bigger loads, such as luggage, a child or the bicycle. Dog owners, fisher man and very large paddlers (XXL) will love it. It is ideal for longer passages on easy rivers and lakes. For short distances (e.g. river crossings), it is capable of carrying up to two adults with normal luggage. It is suitable for:
  • Easy river travel
  • Bikerafting (paddles and pedals)
  • Classic packrafting tours (combined tours on land and water)
  • Traveling with children or dogs
  • Trekking with crossing rivers (also for two on short distances)
  • Expeditions and adventure races
  • Spelunking and canyoneering
  • Alpine lake ?shing
  • Geocaching
  • Sailing (dinghy)
Since the model does not feature a spray skirt and has a smaller tube diameter, it is not recommended for white water (max. class 1).

Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Baffled comfort seat with integrated backrest
  • Repair fabric (spare tube and floor material)


  • tubes: tubes: 210den Urethan-Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
  • floor:420den Urethan-Nylon (double-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
  • seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated  


Parallel sided hull, flat bow, 6 grap loops (4 bow, 2 stern), main one way valve

Speed: 4 km/h

Buoyancy: 160kg


Complete glue-free construction, Sewn and welded seams


Boat: 1610g
Seat: 295g (removable)

Pack strap: 25g
Inflation bag: 100g
Repair fabric: 20g



  •  Length: 140cm
  •  Width: 38cm


  • Length: 234cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Waterline: 220cm
  • Tube diameter: 26cm

Packing size: about 30 x 15cm

Available colors: Sunny Yellow, Fresh Green