Exo T-Rex L

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Exo T-Rex L

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The T-Rex is EXO's top performing creek boat. Created as a team project after many tests, developments of ideas and prototypes.

The continuous rocker along with a flat tail makes the T-Rex very easy to boof without compromising the speed of the boat. The rounded sides, semi-displacement hull create stability and make the T-Rex more forgiving on eddy lines, at speed and also very easily manoeuvrable. The deck of the T-Rex is optimised for predictable re-surfacing.

It's unique round shape makes the T-Rex the ideal white water kayak for both elite boaters and beginner paddlers alike.

EXO's plastic is extremely tough and made to withstand hard impacts.

EXO's goal for this model was to produce a tough, uncompromising boat, ideal for steep creeks, big volume rivers and high-speed races. They have accomplished this with the T-Rex.

Available in Small and Large.



Length: 270 cm/ 8'86"

Width: 66.5 cm / 26.18"

Volume: 345L / 91.14 gal

External Cockpit dimensions: 90 x 50 cm / 35.43" x 19.69"

Weight: 21 kg / 46.3 lbs

Paddler Weight Range: 70 – 100 kg / 154.32 – 220.46 lbs



Length: 264 cm / 8'66"

Width: 65 cm / 25.59"

Volume: 300L / 79.25 gal

Paddler Weight Range: 50 – 80 kg / 110.23 – 165.35 lbs