Kong Harness Eye Inox Karabiini

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Kong Harness Eye Inox Karabiini

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Kong Harness Eye Inox Karabiini, Pieni Kong Harness Eye Inox Karabiini, keskikokoinen

Kongin karabiini, ruostumatonta terästä. Varastossa kahta eri kokoa:


Pieni (Size 6)

  • Pituus 65mm, leveys 40,5mm.
  • 15KN
Keskikokoinen (Size 8)
  • Pituus 85,5mm, leveys 51,5mm
  • 15KN


Stainless steel carabiner | asymmetric | straight gate and eye

Asymmetric connector made of AISI 316 stainless steel with straight gate and eye. Available in 6 sizes.
Keylock locking system. Each product is marked with an indication of the maximum load.
High quality product, made in Italy.

The Keylock system definitively eliminates any sealing tooth both on the body and on the gate of the connector.
There are therefore no points to snag rope or webbing being the carabiner devoid of sharp edges.

Compared to other less noble stainless steels, AISI 316 steel is used in aggressive environments, where there are many corrosive factors that are prolonged over time, for example marine areas, saline environments, areas with the presence of chemical substances.
It is therefore a perfect product for use in the nautical world but also in food and chemicals industry.