Sunday afternoons Shade godess naisten hattu

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Sunday afternoons Shade godess naisten hattu

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Todellinen jumalatarten hattu.

Upea, tyylikäs ja ultra kevyt naisten hattu suojaamaan auringon paahteelta.

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Saatavilla olevat värit:  Dark Violet , Captain navy .

Gorgeous sun protection for the outdoorsy goddess you are. Our iconic neck-caped silhouette—updated with trendy pops of personality—provides shade while you paddleboard, garden, hike, or just grace everyone with your enchanting presence. The brains behind the beauty include super lightweight fabrics, sunglass holders, a place for your ponytail to peek out, and size adjustability for a perfect, comfortable fit. Let your inner goddess shine!

Ponytail Hole

A ponytail hole is conveniently located at the back of the hat for improved comfort when paired with longer hair.

Sunglass Lock

Don't shake off a great pair of shades. Lock your sunglasses in place with these clever, integrated sleeves and never lose another pair